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BEST's Administration and Staff:

BEST has a reputable cadre of staff, which brings a wealth of experience to client groups and projects. Staff is trained in the fields of: Development Economics, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Micro Credit and Micro Enterprise Development. It has, over the past twelve (12) years, developed a professional relationship with a corps of Belizean Consultants which provides additional technical expertise and knowledge to the organization, as required. It currently employs a Staff of nine (9) full-time professionals. The Staff works out of BEST's headquarters in Belmopan City and BEST'S Branch Office in Belize City. Below is a complete listing of the present staff.


Mr. Dennis Jones Managing Director
Mrs. Michelle Lindo-Longsworth Deputy Managing Director
Mrs. Vanessa Nicholas
Accounting Officer
Ms. Natalie Bucknor Executive Assistant
Mr. Dwight Neal Technical Officer
Mrs. Elida Alvarado Credit Officer
Ms. Christina Leal Credit Officer
Mr. Lemuel Palacio Procurement Officer
Mrs. Sharon Lamb Accounts Officer

Mr. Jason Budna

Accounts Clerk




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